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Home improvement LED lights with purchase considerations


After several years of rapid development of LED lights, there are various LED strips on the market, and the quality is uneven. In the purchase and use, consumers should polish their eyes and choose the right quality lamp belt. Remember not to be cheap. The first LED network Xiaobian today summed up the points of the parents of the home decoration for reference, I hope to help everyone. First, the color is divided from the color, led light with a variety of light color, white, warm white (light yellow) yellow blue and so on. In theory, led can call up a lot of colors. At present, there are several mainstream colors. Because there are many factors affecting light color, there will be some deviation in the color temperature produced by different batches of light strips. For example, warm white is divided into color temperature of 3000K and 4000K, white color close to sunlight, cool white, etc., and slight color difference. Home decoration and daily use are basically warm white mostly because warm white reflects a warm environment, bright white, blue fashion. Light color can be selected according to your own preferences and style of home decoration.

Second, the model number 1. There are many types of light belts on the market: flat three lines, two second lines, flat four lines, led lights, and so on. Because the led light strip has energy saving, environmental protection, long life, no pollution, and economical benefits. Other advantages have occupied the main position of home improvement. The old-fashioned flat three-line light strip is not only low in brightness but also has a large amount of electricity, which has basically been eliminated. Therefore, when choosing a light strip, use a led light strip (the type of light bead is a patch). The models used for LED lights are usually 3528 and 5050. (3528 refers to the chip size inside the lamp strip, which is rectangular length 3.2 width 2.8 mm). The 5050 lamp strip refers to the chip with a length and width of 5 mm. (Because the 5050 chip is much larger than the 3528 chip, the brightness of the 5050 is also about 70% higher than the 3528 brightness.) 2, led lamp strip can be divided according to the number of lamp beads, 60 beads 72 beads 68 beads 90 beads, etc. Common specifications, in the daily purchase, you can choose the corresponding specifications according to the size of the installation space and the use. If the household is decorated with wine cabinets, counter decoration, 3528-60 beads can be selected when the brightness is not high, and the room of 8-15-square meters can be used for the room of 8-15-68 pearls, or 5050-60 Beads classic 15 square meters or more rooms are recommended to use 5050-upgrade (72 beads) to maintain the room's moderate brightness and light coordination, in the picture below is the 3528 led light strip. (This is the gold version, so the guides are yellow, the classic and upgraded guides are white.)

Three: matters needing attention. 1. The components of the led light strip, there are lamp bead guide wire wrapped rubber resistance wire fittings. Pay attention to the choice of regular big brands when purchasing, so that the quality can be well protected (the width of the light guide plate should be more than 6 mm when purchasing, and the guide below 6 mm will result in the light strip due to insufficient width of the circuit board) Produce a large amount of heat, there is a serious safety hazard, so pay attention to the width of the guide strip of the lamp when buying.) 2, when the lamp strip is cut, pay attention to it, there is a special scissors mouth, the lamp strip is generally one meter The loop, the whole meter will generally have a 1 cm blank. The special scissors mouth needs to be cut from the scissors mouth. 3, the light belt is equipped with accessories, the accessories generally have cross-flow plugs (that is, the transformer light strips must be used). Line cards (plastic clips for fixing the light strips) Tail plugs (protective lamps with tail plastic sleeves) When you want to ask the business, otherwise you will not be able to miss the accessories.

Four: Installation For the purchase, the installation is much simpler, 1, the direct bar light with a clip to the light trough, 2, the back glue (universal glue) stuck into the light trough, can be. This is generally an electrician's job.

LEDER technology's strip light is a functional and multi-purpose standard strip family that incorporates premium performance and construction durability. The performance and application versatility of this series of strip light can be increased by incorporating symmetrical or asymmetrical reflectors.


This LED Strip light designed to replace less-efficient fluorescent strip lights in garages, maintenance facilities, workshops, and high-traffic outdoor areas that require commercial-grade durability. This Strip light also delivers a superior light quality utilizing the latest in LED technology designed to perform in the most brutal outdoor conditions.



•Quality Assurance

• Low light failure and High color rendering

• Low light decline, high brightness, long life

• Full of modern flavor

• Steady electric function, saving the energy and power

• Color temperature :3000k-6000K

• Intelligent constant current IC driver

• Type of protection: IP20 /IP65/IP67/IP68

• Warranty:3 - 5 years


Our LED Strip light can be the illumination solution in commercial, industrial, retail and residential applications. Fixtures can be used in storage / utility areas, coves, display cases, shops, task, and general area lighting.


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